Transformative Coaching

What would it feel to transform your life and get your groove back?

Imagine living a healthier, happier and more abundant life? This is your life I am talking about! You and I will work together to make dynamic shifts and changes in your life starting from where you are today to where you want to be.

Coaching is about uncovering limiting beliefs, detoxing what no longer serves you, and firing you up so you can shine again! I work with my clients in a non-judgmental and humorous way, while communicating in a straight-shooting, heart of the matter way.

Although coaching does result in changing and creating new ways of behaving and thinking, it is not therapy. Therapy focuses more on understanding and healing the past as it relates to the present. Coaching tends to focus more on the present and the future, opening to the exciting possibilities of your life. Similar to an Olympic athlete needing a coach to provide them with the tools to perform at their highest level, we too, need a coach to provide us with practical, achievable, measurable action steps and strategies to perform at OUR highest level.

As your coach, I will…

…listen deeply
…be your accountability partner
…challenge any beliefs, thoughts, which sabotage your goals
…give you tools, skills, and resources to help you create and sustain your vision
…believe in you, your competence, and your own brilliance!

Common issues addressed by my coaching clients include:

  • Revamping diet and fitness
  • Redesigning stress management style
  • Health coaching
  • Creating a more fulfilling career
  • Preparing for anticipated transitions (e.g. high school to college)
  • Rediscovering your life’s passion
  • Improving relational skills
  • Feeling lost and/or standing at a crossroads

You don’t live near Vienna, VA? No problem!

As a life coach, I support clients worldwide, using phone, email, and Skype.

*Coaching is an accelerated way of working where although the past may come up, it will not be the focus. If we start with coaching and past wounds and traumas come up that prevent you from moving forward, then we may switch to psychotherapy. I will stay in the role of a therapist for the rest of our relationship and not shift back into the coach role or vice versa. I will refer out if a shift needs to occur.

Have Questions? 15 Minutes Free Consulation

If you have questions or are hesitant about seeking help, call and inquire about a free 15-minute phone consultation. We can talk briefly about the issues you are struggling with and I will share my thoughts on the matter and briefly describe how I can help.

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"He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” -Aristotle

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